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I recommend Sage Strategies very highly for any project they would consider taking on. They are intelligent, extremely organized and self-motivated. I congratulate any company who has the pleasure and foresight to have Sage Strategies on their team!
Cheryl Gosmon, Needham Housing Authority, Board of Commissioner

Sage Strategies interacted and interviewed many influential members of the business community as well as many political leaders on both the city and state level. Their professionalism, expert communications skills and professionalism enabled them to communicate on a very personal level that benefited the Chamber at a very strong level.
Lorraine Kohr, President, Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce,

Sage is fortunate to have a company with so many talented individuals! They are creative, motivating, great problem-solvers and they work like a machine without an "OFF" button!
Jim Monahan, President, Education, Training Services Bureau, Philadelphia, PA

The "Sage" group just "knows people" from kids to parents as well as a wide variety of managers, executives and Fortune 500 firms. They've got their act together!
Dan Handarian, President, Krop & Associates, Inc, Boston, MA

Holly Rose, of Sage Strategies, is one of the truly exceptional business women I have had the pleasure to work with. She is a great thinker with superb analytical skills. Her dead-on practical perspectives and seasoned business judgment cause her to be an invaluable resource for her clients and her colleagues. It is rare to find an individual who is as good at strategic design as she is at effective implementation, and Holly does both with focus, discipline and grace.

Paige Stover Hague, Esq., CEO of Ictus Development and Acanthus Publishing

Sage Strategies provided our company with a carefully thought out and extremely comprehensive "organization and infrastructure plan" that got us from where we were to where we wanted to be in the quickest amount of time.
Barry Silverman, CEO, Net Fitness, Philadelphia, PA

Without a doubt, Holly Rose and her team have the most incredibly extensive knowledge, insight, connections and experience in this field that I have ever seen!
Paula Camerata, President, Sleigh Fitness & Education Sarasota, FL

Sage Strategies was an incredible asset to our company during a rapid, involved and difficult "transition period". Sage Strategies is a company that clearly "gets the job done - over and above even the highest expectations!"
Ken Peck, CEO, Education Collaborative, Boston, MA

Sage Strategies has been extremely instrumental in our new "Countdown To Success" program…..helping us develop a partnership with the Needham Public Schools and the Needham Housing Authority.
Cheryl Gosmon, Commissioner, Needham Housing Authority,

"…..as for the Marketing Plan and materials that Sage prepared for us - the only word we have is UNBELIEVEABLE!"
Anne Fein, CEO, "Learning Is Us", Boston, MA

"Congratulations to you for the outstanding work Sage Strategies did on our 2003-2004 Marketing Plan - especially considering the short time frame and pressure your team was under for completion. The degree of detail is marvelous and lets us know that the follow-through will be there as needed. We especially appreciate how the Objectives, Strategies, Action Plans, and the Monitoring Steps tied together and are all so internally consistent."
Rob Katz, President, Family Fitness Resource, Boston, MA

Sage Strategies is an extremely pro-active and committed team - always focused on achieving goals and exceeding the expectations of others. This quality is very rare in this day and age.
Lorraine Kohr, President, Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce

Sage Strategies has exceeded - and continues to exceed my expectations on all levels and that is not an easy feat by any means! I have worked with many different consultants in the past and they have not come anywhere near the level of knowledge, professionalism, work ethic and integrity that the Sage Team has brought to my company from the day they walked in the door.
David Pendergast, CEO The Learning Collaborative, Cambridge, MA

Sage Strategies is a class act!
Michael Casper – Author & Lecturer– “Winning Business Weapons”, Cambridge, MA

Sage is an exceptional and determined company with a great ability to focus on tasks and a wide knowledge of educational techniques and a curious and creative business approach. They will accomplish any goal they undertake with full effort and a determination to provide exceptional results.
Wendy Marks, M.E.d., C.A.S. Diplomat A.P.A., L.R.C.,

Sage's 5-star approach to business planning emphasizes focus, form and flexibility. It's a winning combo making business goals in the health, fitness or educational arena not just attainable but fun!
Nikki Garvin, CEO, LifeStar Media, Cambridge, MA

The Sage Strategies Team was able to take all the thoughts, ideas and concepts that had been swirling around in my head and magically turn them into an "easy-to-implement" Business Plan with objectives, goals and Step-by-Step Action Plans. My company went from 0 to 100 in a month!
Marie Demerjian, President and Founder, Shell Rays, Inc. Cataumet, MA

Not being a Fortune 500 company, we never thought we'd be able to offer our employees cost-effective health and wellness programs. Well, think again - not only has Sage made it cost-effective but they delivered the most creative, customized and innovative fitness and wellness programs we ever could have imagined!.....The Sage Team is incredibly imaginative and equally effective!
Daniel E. Douglas, CEO, Palmieri Retail Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio

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