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Sage Strategies is the premier management consulting firm that specializes in keeping business healthy and strong both literally and figuratively. With over 25 years experience in both the corporate world and the health, fitness and education industry, Sage Strategies specializes in assisting businesses to more smoothly and efficiently run their companies by providing;

1.  Corporate Level Services

Sage's greatest joy and strongest strength is helping businesses attain one of the greatest gifts of all - the gift of good health. Fiscal good health and physical good health create tremendous long-term benefits for both the employer and the employee. We;

  • Develop, Implement & Staff Corporate Fitness Facilities
  • Create Innovative Executive Fitness and Wellness Programs
  • Provide experienced and confidential Psychological support, advice and coaching to Senior Executives/Management in the areas of work-life balance or family/life issues
  • Create Corporate Health & Wellness Newsletters
  • Provide health and wellness speakers, presenters and seminars
  • Produce Corporate Promotional Videos
  • Prepare and coach employees and/or senior management for media contact, interviews
  • Corporate Image Consulting

2.  Management Consulting & Business Development

Sage covers all areas of business management and business development to assist and support individual business owners grow their businesses.

  • Sage provides complete outsourcing services for one or several aspects of your business including; operations, finances, marketing, IT, human resources and education and training
  • We provide 1-on-1 or group coaching and support services to individual business owners, middle managers or senior level management
  • Sage provides Team Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Strong experience in Family Owned or Run Business Issues
  • Provide temporary, interim or on-going "Advisory Boards for Hire"

3.  Start-Up, Small and Mid-Sized Business Consulting

Sage specializes in assisting and supporting start up, small and mid-sized companies to lay strong and healthy foundations in all areas of their business order to "get fit and stay fit" in fast times. We provide:

  • Management, operational and business development services
  • World-class program and product development
  • Recruitment, training, motivation and retention of staff
  • Marketing, sales and public relations strategies that maximize both growth and profitability

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