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Management Consulting and Business Development Services

Sage Strategies is the premier management consulting firm that specializes in keeping business healthy and strong both literally and figuratively. With over 25 years experience in both the corporate world and the health, fitness and education industry; Sage Strategies specializes in assisting businesses to more smoothly and efficiently run their companies. We cover all areas of business management, development, marketing and education and training; including evaluation and implementation to help grow your business. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • management, operational and business development services
  • world-class program and product development
  • recruitment, training, motivation and retention of staff
  • marketing, sales and pubic relations strategies that maximizes both growth and profitability.

Sage also provides strategic and comprehensive outsourcing services so that the entire company (management, administration, operations, marketing, sales and public relations) is run by an experienced and effective team during start up, transition or periods of high growth.

Our services include:

Business Plan

Overall Business Review/Assessment

  • management & staff review
  • company strengths and challenges
  • business compliance issues
  • ideal improvements and changes
  • recommendations for most-strategic & cost-effective "next steps" for business strength and stability
Business Development
  • targeted, custom marketing plan
  • business compliance
  • management teams/structure/organization
  • customer feedback analysis
Program/Product Development
    New Programs/Products
  • Research & design
  • customer feedback
  • documentation, copyright© and trademarks™
  • quality assurance
    Current Programs/Products
  • evaluation & assessment
  • documentation, copyright©, and trademarks™
  • customer feedback
  • quality assurance
Site/Facility Selection
  • demographics
  • statistics
  • competition analysis
  • lease negotiations
  • conceptual design (layout, color and interior design)
  • construction management (build-out, codes, regulations, permits, standards and certificates of occupancy
  • custom target market analysis
  • position in the market
  • competition analysis
  • creative strategy analysis
  • benefits/value-added
  • sales, advertising and public relations strategies
  • "pink elephant"
High Impact Targeted Direct E-Mail and Snail Mail
  • custom data base creation
  • "industry-specific" targeted email and snail mail campaigns
  • high impact direct mail campaigns
Customer Service
  • standards of service determined and developed
  • documentation, coordination & implementation
  • follow-up, support, feedback and evaluation
Communications Plan
  • develop & document effective channels of communications between management, employees, service providers, vendors and clients
Human Resources
  • hiring and recruitment procedures & manuals
  • policies & procedures
  • management & supervision
  • retention, motivation & team building
  • job descriptions, performance reviews
  • "PDR"™ - Professional Development Review
  • benefits and profit sharing
  • Admin/Operations policies & procedures
  • Business compliance
  • office set-up, organization and documentation
  • customer policies & procedures
  • product knowledge manual
  • daily operations plan
Education and Training
  • orientation
  • basic training
  • on-the-job
  • specialized
  • training videos
  • product knowledge/sales/customer service training program
  • "MIT"™ - Management Involvement in Training
Website Development
  • creative concept development
  • logo and brand integration
  • email marketing and e-commerce
  • Digital marketing
  • prominence consulting
Special Events
  • workshops, seminars and lecture series
  • open houses and community outreach
  • health and wellness series"
  • "media day"
Special Programs
  • work/life balance program
  • family and parenting programs
  • sports psychology
  • family-run businesses
  • health and wellness programs
Implementation "The Key"
  • plan
  • train
  • implement
  • closely monitor
  • revise
  • communicate changes/revisions
  • implement changes/revisions
  • "hand-off"
  • follow-up
Corporate Communications
  • employee newsletters
  • client/customer newsletters
  • promotional videos
  • prepare employees/management and senior executives for effective media contact

"Advisory Board for Hire"
Sage provides temporary, interim or on-going "Advisory Boards for Hire". Small to medium sized businesses can benefit greatly by having an advisory board populated by professionals who have experience in the health, fitness and education workplace.

Our "Sage Advisors" can provide the consulting you need to cover all the bases, answer many questions, help solve problems and create strategies to lay a strong and firm foundation on which to grow.

There is wisdom is a group of intelligent, experienced, unbiased individuals coming together to listen, evaluate, solve problems and most importantly, create solutions.

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