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Corporate Level Services

Corporate Fitness Facility Development In our continuing commitment to assist companies to be strong and healthy in every aspect of their business, Sage Strategies specializes in design, development, renovation and management of corporate fitness centers and wellness programs.

We are well-known for assisting each client in clearly articulating and customizing each project by tailoring each fitness center and all wellness programs based on our client's company culture, needs, budget and specific goals. You can "pick and choose" just the right package of services that meet your company's specific needs.

Companies of all sizes are now looking for ways to control health care costs, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and lower employee turnover. However, what many companies don't realize is that fitness and wellness programs are the only employee benefit that actually "pays money back" to the employer!

As you can see from the chart below - employee fitness benefits actually "pay back" the employer for every dollar invested. Recent studies showed that positive returns on investments for fitness and wellness programs of various companies ranged from $2.50:1 to $6.15:1. General Electric's aircraft engines division, for example, saves $1 million per year through its fitness and wellness programs. Traveler's Insurance Company reported savings of $7.8 million in 2000, attributable to its fitness and wellness programs.

Source: Fitness Management & Consulting

Today, wellness and fitness is no longer just an employee benefit - it is a competitive business advantage. Sage Strategies helps businesses and individual workers attain one of the greatest gifts of all - the gift of good health. Personal gains such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable physical good health will create tremendous benefits for both the employee and the employer. Corporate Fitness and Wellness programs are what

- set you apart from the crowd.

Corporate Fitness Centers and Wellness Programs not only promote health and wellness; reduce health care costs; increase productivity and assist in retaining the highest quality employees - they also increase your company's bottom line while simultaneously giving your company that "all-important" competitive advantage that

set you apart from the crowd.

Source: Fitness Management & Consulting

Sage will provide an experienced and qualified design and architectural team or we will coordinate and work with your team. We provide an "expertly experienced team" who can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facility Design and Layout
  • Interior Design
  • Budgeting
  • Equipment Purchase and Set-Up
  • Marketing & Operations Development
  • Fitness Program Development (traditional and non-traditional)
  • Ergonomic Services
  • Health Screenings and Wellness Events
  • Professional Staffing, Training and Management
  • Policies & Procedures Development
  • Baseline Testing, Evaluation, Orientation and Progression
  • Wellness Lectures and Workshops
  • Sports Psychology Services
  • Work/Life & Family Balance Issues
  • Parenting/Family/Marriage Workshops
  • Speakers, Presenters and Seminars
  • First Aid and CPR Courses
  • Family Programming
  • On-Site Physical Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Program/Fitness Facility Management

Executive Fitness & Wellness Programs
Sage Strategies provides fitness and wellness strategies and support programs to Senior level Executives who most often have the least amount of time and the most amount of stress as a result of their position within the company hierarchy. The fast-track, prosperous and global economy built throughout the 1990's created enormous wealth and opportunity but also caused society to be overwhelmed, overcommitted, fatigued, stressed and under satisfied. One person is now doing the work that had once been done by two, three or even four individuals. There has been a decline in physical activity at the exact moment that there has been a dramatic increase to push the very limits of human mental performance, resulting in a highly stressed workplace environment.

A fitness and wellness strategy is a long-term effort that combines health and wellness promotion as well as exercise related activities designed to facilitate positive lifestyle changes in the company's top level executives.

Sage will work with a company's senior management to help them develop a mission or purpose statement for its overall wellness program. The company's designated employees will undergo a health-risk analysis, after which, each employee will be given the opportunity to meet with a health professional to design a personalized health program.

If requested, Sage Strategies will provide "Employee Progress Reports" to specified company management so that an "incentive program" to help employees change their behavior patterns and choose more healthy lifestyles can be monitored.

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