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Sage understands that in order for your business to grow, be effective and efficient and operate at peak performance it needs to be strong and healthy on all levels. Attaining a high level of business fitness is similar to creating a high level of personal fitness. It needs to be fine-tuned to all of the individuals involved, responsive to ever-changing circumstances and it needs to become stronger and stronger each and every year.

We use a 360-degree approach to business consulting that takes into account the people, the mission, the goals, the finances, the vision, values and purposes of each company. It's a way of creating a dynamic and successful business environment that can grow your company into the future with strength and stability.

Our clients range from start-up companies in the health and fitness industry to Fortune 500 companies, to established and well-known companies in the health and fitness field to schools and universities as well as several national, state and local government organizations and initiatives. The one common thread that connects each of our clients and each of the projects that Sage works on is that each one places an extremely high degree of quality, integrity and professionalism in their business environment and is always interested in moving their company to the next level.

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