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Our 5 Star Approach

We Listen

Sage begins by listening so we can understand your needs, interests and goals. For corporate clients this could be to provide an important employee benefit to improve recruitment and retention, improve the health and well-being of employees, or update and operate existing health and wellness programs more cost-efficiently. For small to mid-sized companies this could be developing a creative and exciting employee training program or reviewing, assessing and simply updating an existing program.

We Customize

Once we understand your goals we design a customized program to meet those needs and goals. A small company may be growing "far too fast" and may need to outsource a portion of the operations or marketing (or both) just to "keep up" and be assured of growing in a supported, healthy and organized way. A corporate client may want to support their senior level executives by providing a "tailor made" health, wellness and fitness program designed to fit the specific and very individualized needs and schedules of these executives. A growing small to mid--sized company may need a "customized niche" data base, statistics and competition analysis because of their particular industry and position within the marketplace

We Evaluate & Monitor

Sage evaluates and monitors everything we do. For corporate clients we measure program utilization, satisfaction, quality assurance employee satisfaction and understanding, communication, and overall health improvement. For small and mid-sized businesses we measure client satisfaction, overall business improvement and increase in the bottom line.

We Revise and Communicate

Sage continually revises any programs or services based on client needs and goals. We also believe in strong communication throughout the entire client-consultant process. We will always communicate any changes or modifications to our services that we feel are in our client's best interest immediately and continually. Communication is paramount with Sage.

We Deliver

We deliver both literally and figuratively. You can count on Sage to listen, tailor and deliver whatever services or programs we agree to do for each and every client. Our work is delivered on time with the highest degree of quality, professionalism and integrity. Our tailored services and programs can be delivered on site or remotely. Quite simply, Sage delivers.

We have been "in the business" for over 25 years and have worked with some of America's finest companies. We look forward to the privilege of working with your company.

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